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Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources





The third part, “Kierkegaard Resources,” consists of a series of reference works and research tools in the stricter sense. The first volume of this section (vol. 15) represents a multi-tome Kierkegaard dictionary that offers individual articles on key terms used in Kierkegaard’s authorship. The next volume (vol. 16) features articles on key literary figures and motifs that Kierkegaard uses in his works. Next is a volume (vol. 17) dedicated to exploring the character of Kierkegaard’s individual pseudonymous authors. The next volume (vol. 18) represents a database of book reviews covering the secondary literature on Kierkegaard in a number of different languages. This is followed by a multi-tome bibliography of Kierkegaard literature, both editions of his primary texts and secondary literature (vol. 19). The next volume provides a list of the books Kierkegaard owned as they appear in the auction catalogue of his library (vol. 20). The final volume of this section (vol. 21) is a cumulative index to the entire series. This third section consists of 26 tomes.


Volume 15

Kierkegaard's Concepts
Tomes I-VI

Volume 16

Kierkegaard's Literary Figures and Motifs
Tomes I-II

Volume 17

Kierkegaard's Pseudonyms

Volume 18

Kierkegaard Secondary Literature
Tomes I-VI

Volume 19

Kierkegaard Bibliography
Tomes I-VII

Volume 20
The Auction Catalogue of Kierkegaard's Library

Volume 21
Cumulative Index
Tomes I-III


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