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Volume 15:
Kierkegaard's Concepts

Edited by Steven Emmanuel, William McDonald and Jon Stewart

Tome I: Absolute to Church
Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate 2013. xxi+214pp.

Tome II: Classicism to Enthusiasm
Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate 2014. xvii+241pp.

Tome III: Envy to Incognito
Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate 2014. xvii+236pp.

Tome IV: Individual to Novel
Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate 2014. xvii+252pp.

Tome V: Objectivity to Sacrifice
Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate 2015. xvii+280pp.

Tome VI: Salvation to Writing
Farnham and Burlington: Ashgate 2015. xvii+277pp.

Kierkegaard’s Concepts is a comprehensive, multi-volume survey of the key concepts and categories that inform Kierkegaard’s writings. Each article is a substantial, original piece of scholarship, which discusses the etymology and lexical meaning of the relevant Danish term, traces the development of the concept over the course of the authorship, and explains how it functions in the wider context of Kierkegaard’s thought. Concepts have been selected on the basis of their importance for Kierkegaard’s contributions to philosophy, theology, the social sciences, literature and aesthetics, thereby making this volume an ideal reference work for students and scholars in a wide range of disciplines.



Tome I: Absolute to Church

Absolute: Steven Emmanuel
Absurd: Sean Turchin
Actuality: Steven Emmanuel
Admiration: Guadalupe Pardi
Aesthetic/Aesthetics: William McDonald
Allegory: J.D. Mininger
Ambiguity: Jacobo Zabalo
Anonymity: Joe Westfall
Anthropology: Sean Turchin
Anxiety: William McDonald
Aphorisms: Henrike Fürstenberg
Apologetics: Curtis L. Thompson
Apostle: Steven Emmanuel
Appropriation: Sean Turchin
Approximation: Sean Turchin
Archimedean Point: Diego Giordano
Art: Nathaniel Kramer
Asceticism: David Coe
Atonement/Reconciliation: Lee C. Barrett
Authority: Sean Turchin
Authorship: Joseph Westfall
Baptism: David Coe
Beginning: Sean Turchin
Being/Becoming: Claudine Davidshofer
Calling: Rob Puchniak
Care/Concern: Gerhard Thonhauser
Category: Claudine Davidshofer
Catholicism: Christopher Barnett
Cause/Effect: Shannon M. Nason
Certainty: Sara Carvalhais
Chatter: Peter Fenves
Childhood: Esben Lindemann
Choice: Gerhard Thonhauser
Christ: Leo Stan
Christendom: Michael Tilley
Church: Michael Tilley

Tome II: Classicism to Enthusiasm

Classicism: Nassim Bravo
Comic/Comedy: Oscar Parcero Oubinha
Common Man: Hjördis Becker
Communication/Indirect Communication: Jamie Turnbull
Communion: David Coe
Concept: Stine Zink Kaasgaard
Concrete/Abstract: Steven Emmanuel
Confession: David Coe
Conscience: Curtis L. Thompson
Consciousness: Patrick Stokes
Contemporaneity: Leo Stan
Contingency/Possibility: Gabriel Ferreira
Contradiction: Jakub Marek

Corrective: Michael Tilley
Courage: Lauren Greenspan
Creation: Curtis L. Thompson
Crisis: Charlie Cahill
Crowd/Public: Leo Stan
: Gabriel Guedes Rossatti

Dance: Curtis L. Thompson
Death: Adam Buben
Decision/Resolve: Narve Strand
Defiance: David Lappano
Demonic: William McDonald
Desire: Nathaniel Kramer
Despair: William McDonald
Dialectic: Alejandro Cavallazzi
Dialogue: Irina Kruchinina
Dogma/Doctrine: Lee C. Barrett
Double Movement: Roe Fremstedal
Double-Reflection: Wojtek Kaftanski
Dreams: Anne Nielsen
Duty: Azucena Palavicini Sánchez
Dying to/Renunciation: Adam Buben
Earnestness: John Davenport

Edifying Discourses/Deliberations/Sermons: Kyle Roberts
Enthusiasm: Carson Webb

Tome III: Envy to Incognito

Envy: Janne Kylliäinen
Epic: Nassim Bravo
Epigram: David Law
Ethics: Azucena Palavicini Sánchez
Evil: Azucena Palavicini Sánchez and William McDonald
Exception/Universal: Geoff Dargan
Existence: Min-Ho Lee
Experience: Jakub Marek
Fairy-Tales: Nathaniel Kramer
Faith: William McDonald
Finitude/Infinity: Erik M. Hanson
Forgiveness: John Lippitt
Freedom: Diego Giordano
Genius: Steven Emmanuel
God: Paul Martens and Daniel Marrs
Good: Azucena Palavicini Sánchez
Governance/Providence: Jack Mulder
Grace: Derek Nelson
Gratitude: Corey Tutewiler
Guilt: Erik Hanson
Happiness: Benjamin Olivares-Bøgeskov
Hero: Sean Turchin
History: Sean Turchin
Holy Spirit: Leo Stan
Hope: William McDonald
Humility: Rob Puchniak
Humor: Alejandro González Contreras
Hypocrisy: Thomas Fauth Hansen
Identity/Difference: Claudine Davidshofer 
Imagination: Frances Maughan-Brown
Imitation: Leo Stan
Immanence/Transcendence: Leo Stan
Immediacy/Reflection: Zizhen Liu
Immortality: Lee C. Barrett
Incognito: Martijn Boven

Tome IV: Individual to Novel

Individual: Lydia Amir

Inner/Outer: Philipp Schwab

Intensity/Extensity: Noreen Khawaja

Interesting, the: K. Brian Söderquist

Inwardness/Inward Deepening: Christian Tolstrup

Irony: Nassim Bravo                                                         

Irrational: Sean Turchin                                             

Joy: Benjamín Olivares-Bøgeskov                                     

Judaism: Tamar Aylat Yaguri                                            

Language: Steven Shakespeare

Law: David Coe

Leap: Gerhard Schreiber

Legends: Matthew Brake

Leveling: Leo Stan                                                           

Life-View: Lee C. Barrett

Logic: Gabriel Ferreira

Love: William McDonald                                                  

Lyric: Nassim Bravo

Marriage: Deidre Green

Martyrdom/Persecution: Jack Mulder                             

Mediation/Sublation: Jamie Turnbull

Melancholy: Steven Emmanuel                                                     

Metaphor: Frances Maughan-Brown

Metaphysics: Corey Tutewiler

Middle Ages: Diego Giordano

Miracles: Heiko Schulz

Mohammedanism: Diego Giordano

Moment: William McDonald                                     

Monasticism: Curtis L. Thompson
Money: Gabriel Guedes Rossatti

Mood/Emotion/Feeling: Sara Carvalhais de Oliveira

Movement/Motion: Shannon M. Nason                         

Music: William McDonald

Myth: Diego Giordano and WilliamMcDonald

Nature/Natural Science: Thomas Posch 
Necessity: Gabriel Ferriera                                                    

Negation: Archie Graham

Novel: Gabriel Guedes Rossatti


Tome V: Objectivity to Sacrifice

Objectivity/Subjectivity: Jamie Turnbull                           

Offense: Sean Turchin                                                      

Orthodoxy/Orthodox: Lee C. Barrett

Otherness/Alterity/Other: Marcia Morgan

Paganism: Avron Kulak

Pantheism: Curtis L. Thompson

Paradox: Sean Turchin                                                      

Parody: Mads Sohl Jessen

Passion/Pathos: Jacobo Zabalo                                        

Pastor: Michael Tilley                                                  

Patience: Corey Tutewiler                                                  

Personality: Wolter Hartog

Philosophy/Philosophers: William McDonald

Poetry: K. Brian Söderquist and Laura Liva

Politics: Leo Stan                                                              

Prayer: Derek Nelson
Present Age: Gabriel Rossetti

Press/Journalism: David Lappano                            

Pride: Daniel Dion
Primitivity: Maxime Valcourt Blouin

Progress: Matthew Brake

Protestantism/Reformation: Curtis L. Thompson

Pseudonymity: Joseph Westfall
Psychological Experiment: Martjin Boven

Psychology: Nathaniel Kramer

Punctuation: Steven Emmanuel                                         

Qualitative Difference: Leo Stan                                    

Race: Joseph Ballan                  

Reason: Jamie Turnbull                                                     

Recollection: Nathaniel Kramer

Redoubling/Reduplication: Wojtek Kaftanski                  

Religious/Religiousness: Lee C. Barrett

Repentance: Sean Turchin

Repetition: Ryan Kemp

Resignation: Geoff Dargan                                               

Revelation: Sean Turchin
Revolution: Gabriel Guedes Rossatti                                                 

Rhetoric: Gerhard Thonhauser                                          

Rigorism: Roe Fremstedal                                                

Romanticism: Nassim Bravo                                            

Sacrifice: Deidre Green


Tome VI: Salvation to Writing

Salvation/Eternal Happiness: Roe Fremstedal and Timothy Jackson

Scriptures: Kyle Roberts

Seduction: Camilla Sløk

Self: Pieter Vos  
Self-Deception: Claudia Welz

Sickness: Jakub Marek

Silence: Alejandro González Contreras                              

Sin: Leo Stan 
Skepticism/Doubt: Matthew Brake

Society: Jamie Aroosi

Speculation/Science/Scholarship: Curtis L. Thompson

Spirit: Marcia Morgan
Spiritlessness: Gabriel Guedes Rossatti
Stages: Lydia Amir

State: Leo Stan                                                          

Story-Telling: Will Williams

Striving: Christian Tolstrup                                                

Suffering: Sean Turchin

Suicide: Rob Puchniak

Sympathy/Empathy: Victoria Davies

Teacher: Matthew Brake

Teleological Suspension of the Ethical: Thomas Miles   

Temptation: Sean Turchin

Theater/Drama: Mads Sohl Jessen 
Thoughtlessness: Gabriel Guedes Rossatti  

Time/Temporality/Eternity: William McDonald               

Tragic/Tragedy: Leonardo Lisi                                 

Transition: Gerhard Schreiber

Transfiguration: Daniel Marrs

Trial, Test, Tribulation: Geoff Dargan                             

Truth: Jamie Turnbull                                                        

Understanding/Comprehension: Matthew Brake and William McDonald

Vaudeville/Farce: Mads Sohl Jessen                                

Voting: Narve Strand
Vortex: Gabriel Rossatti                                                        

Will: Narve Strand                                                        
: Ulrich Lincoln

Women Céline Léon
Wonder: Robert Wyllie

Worldliness/Secularism: David Coe

Writing: Tom Millay


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